More Oktoberfest and we have a Winner!

You guys were all correct! It was the Chicken Dance :) The kids in International Choir and Dance Club performed it marathon style for a good 30 minutes!

And then they also showed us other traditional German folk dances. It was quite fun!

Here's a picture of Jaina and her best friend Eva and Jaina's (sort of) boyfriend Landon.

I just love Landon :) I don't mean to, but I usually embarrass the heck out of Jaina and Landon whenever they are together at school. We've been friends with Landon and his parents since Kindergarten. They are great people :) If I believed in arranged marriages (which I don't!) I'd totally be signing Jaina and Landon up :) I told Jaina that if they did grow up and get married one day, I'd show everyone at their reception pictures of them as elementary school friends.

Oh, and we have a winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my very first blog giveaway! The winner is my friend over at Bunch of Barons. Congratulations! I'm emailing you right now!

And I'll leave you with some more pictures we took after the dancing and singing!


  1. It looks like she had a blast!

  2. I love it!! And hey...with a name like "Landon" how can you go wrong? Seriously, I love that name!!

  3. see, i knew it was the chicken dance but didn't want to comment because we don't have that store here :P

  4. These pictures are so wonderful! I totally felt like I was at her school watching the dance : ) I miss those things. I haven't gone to any events at my son's school yet this year. I will look forward to the Halloween Parade next week!

  5. So much fun!!! I'm curious to see how the future plays out with Landon :)

  6. Wouldn't it be just so unbearably cute if Jaina and Landon actually end up together? =)

  7. Jessie, I'm totally for arranged marriages! Just think--we spend all of this time raising our babies to be good people and have a happy life...I think we need to OK their spouses, too. Sorry, my kids--I'm picking out your mates for you! ;-) (Landon is a cutie, and you definitely should make an arrangement now, especially if you like his parents!) HA! Love your post, as always!


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