FestiFall at Walnut Grove

Its finally FALL!!

Even though the calendar has clearly said "October" on it for almost a week now, it just didn't feel like Autumn had come to this here parts. I was still wearing my birkenstocks, Jaina her flip flops, and Jayce his crocs. If we put on pants in the morning we'd be sure to burn up by 3 PM the same day.

Oh well, that's what you get when you live in the South :)

But what really says FALL to us is all the festivals around!

We were so sad to miss Greek Festival (it rained) and International Festival (we had other plans). But we spent last Sunday at Walnut Grove Plantation's annual FestiFall event.

Re-enactors and their families come from several states to camp out for the weekend. Upon entering the camp site, we were greeted by several children dressed in clothes reminiscent of the late 1700's. I asked permission before taking their photos (and their moms were nearby as well).

Jaina quickly lead us to the tents where you could buy stuff. I am sure no one is shocked :P

And no, we did not let Jayce get the $20 humongous sword. That would have been a disaster waiting to happen!

My favorite part is touring the old house, kitchen, and school house.

More pictures to come tomorrow! I didn't realize I took so many :) Occupational hazard I guess :P


  1. I never knew there was a festival at the plantation. Thanks for letting me know! Sounds like a very interesting event!

  2. That is my kind of way to spend a day out of the house. So jealous! I especially like the composition of the shot of drying fruit.

  3. Wait! We were at Festifall on Sunday too! I wish that we had run into each other. I also took pics but they are still residing on the card in the camera. Your pics are so great- I am afraid to even look at mine now.

  4. love the pics - glad everyone had fun.


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