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Today I'm linking up with Ten on Ten  to document my life as it was on the 10th day of the month of October.

Jaina and I woke up at 7:30 yesterday, however, this photo was taken around 8 AM. The sun hadn't been up long at all :)

Jayce was at my mom's house so we didn't make our typical Sunday big breakfast. Instead, Jaina recruited me to play Barbie Mini-Kingdom with her.

It didn't take me long to have quite enough of that. I settled for some hot chocolate in peace instead :)

Brian usually sleeps in until 9:00 AM when the kids and I descend on his bed forcing him to get up. On this day, however, we enjoyed the peace and quiet. Brian finally got up about 10. And wondered where his big breakfast was. I told him he was lucky to get cinnabon poppers from the microwave.

We move slow on Sundays... can't you tell?

11:00 AM found me scrubbing tarnish off my pampered chef sandwich press with a lemon and sea salt. By golly, it really worked. The internet is good for something after all!

Ugh. Grocery list. Please don't make fun of me for not knowing how to spell "vinaigrette". I wish real life had a spell checker like my computer does.

Can you guess what the next hour's photo looked like?

Exciting lives, I tell ya.

Here's Jaina, an hour later, modeling her new headband she got at the grocery store. Yes, we know she's spoiled rotten. Isn't it adorable?

After grocery shopping, it was time to collect my youngest back from Grandma's house.

My baby. My sweet boy. My poor little allergy stricken coughing boy :( That's why he doesn't look happy.

An hour later found the kids dressed up in their new halloween costumes while doing crafts at the kitchen table. Yep, just a typical Sunday for us!

Jayce is still insisting that he's NOT going to dress up as Harry Potter for Halloween, but go as a tornado instead. If any of my dear readers have any clue how to make a tornado costume that does not involve the use of chicken wire, please let me know! Thanks!


  1. LOL at the tornado costume! I can't wait for pics!

  2. Plastic Walmart shopping bags, Jessie? Really. Really?! Yar!


    I love how that first shot came out with the twinklies behind the plant.

  3. Oh my, I guess I had it easy when J requested for a Jedi robe to wear on Halloween!

  4. If you do decide that you want a tornado costume with chicken wire, I have a big fat roll of it- I could donate some to your cause. We overbought it when we built the coop. ;)

  5. Tornado?! That's original :) Maybe he'll change his mind again before Halloween? Haha Looks like a good day!

  6. I was thinking about this tornado costume idea earlier- you could get some long strips of fabric and wrap it around him (more like a spiral as opposed to the way you would wrap a mummy and then glue little plastic animals or Monopoly houses to him.

  7. cute post! I love lazy and slow Sundays! :)

  8. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Here is a link for some good tornado costume ideas:

  9. I loved this post idea!! Looks like your 10/10/10 was a great one!!

  10. Cute post! And you could put him in a gray sweatsuit and tape random items to him! like a grocery sack, stuffed car, dog, maybe a cloth dollhouse? barbie doll? That would be an awesome costume!


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