Soccer Game Five

Oh, its really sad when you are posting pictures from a previous game a mere 3 hours before the next week's game starts. To say that I'm a bit behind would be an understatement!

I cannot believe that today marks Game 6 in our season! There are only 8 games! And we may possibly miss the last one due to being out of town. Wow, this season sure has flown by!

My pictures suck from Game 5, sorry about that. I couldn't take a single shot of Jayce's game due to my last minute appointment of Assistant Coach for that game. Although it was fun to help out again like that, it did remind me about why I'm a much better parent on the sidelines than on the field with the little ones. Thank goodness Jayce's coach will be back for Game 6 today!

Hopefully my friend Becca's husband will email me some pics of Jayce.

I wish he could email me some of Jaina's game, too. I was having a lazy photo day. I didn't get up from my chair once. I spent more time talking to my friend Tracy than I did paying attention to my settings. 1/2 my pictures are blurry. 1/2 of them are exposed incorrectly. So, here's one of Jaina. Just one!

She really played well!! I'm so proud of Jaina and how much she's learned about soccer over the years!

And here's a few of Miss Caroline, my friend's darling two year old :)

I promise to do better with pictures today!! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Your photos are always amazing! I love the light shining through little Caroline's hair...adorable!


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