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Where was I?

Oh! So, after we toured the house, it was time for the re-enactment of a small skirmish that happened on the farm during the Revolutionary war.

Jayce was pretty apprehensive about the guns and the noise.

We just kept reminding him that it was just pretend. No real bullets, no real dead people. And yes, it was loud, but he could just keep his ears covered.

There was a very sweet boy watching the re-enactment right in front of us. He saw that Jayce was scared and distracted him by showing his bow and arrow and tomahawk.

Then we took the kids to see the animals :)

I asked Jaina to take my picture by one of the horses. This is what she captured:

She said, "Well, at least I got the horse's face!"

My silly beautiful girl :)

I watched the kids make hand dipped candles for the second time in their lives :)

And I attempted to get their picture together, like always.

Oh, Jayce. I love your "say cheese!" smile so much :)

Then we took a hike on the nature trail down to the cemetery.

As we were walking back, we heard them fire the cannons. Jayce was not very happy with us for not warning him.

We ended the day with our trip to the sales table. I think Jayce quickly forgave us :)

Oh, and some random pictures before I end this post...


  1. Looks light so much fun. I love doing these types of things. We have a cool village nearby where they show you how life used to be - dipping candles, churning butter, milking cows, etc.

    Love the photo of your kids together and that last photo-- gorgeous!

  2. I laughed out loud at Jaina's response to having taken that picture with your top half cut off!! You could so tell who (or rather, what) she was really focusing on! :)

    Great pics!

  3. i enjoyed the part about the tomahawk boy helping out like that. nice photos jess...

  4. also. i love old cemetaries. and one more thing... that third guy in the line of gunmen? he's totally giving you the wiggly eyebrow look... :)


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