You know how babies are made, right?

Did your parents sit you down as a kid and tell you all about the stork?

My kids had no idea what a stork even was or what it had to do with babies or dolls!

I guess that's what I get for raising my kids in an era full of truthful information and political correctness.

So when I told Jaina we were going to a place where Cabbage Patch Kids are made, she envisioned a factory with workers fervently sewing. Boy was she surprised!

Here at Babyland General Hospital, dolls are not made; they are born.

This particular baby boy is very special. See, the doctor picks two children out of the audience to help name the baby. His official name on his birth certificate? Maddox Jayce :)

Jayce got to hold his namesake:

And upon realizing that Maddox Jayce would cost $200 to "adopt", we quickly let others hold him instead :)

I can now cross "sitting on big fake cabbage leaves" off my bucket list.

More from our trip to Atlanta soon!


  1. That is brilliant. My mum has been looking for a Cabbage Patch doll for my daughter everywhere this year and can't get one. I just love these photos though:) Jen

  2. Now my Maddox and your Jayce have something in common! :-) Besides having super-cool moms, I mean. That sounds like an awesome place.


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