Man on the Moon

Or, rather, an elf on the moon.

The kids were pretty freaked out the other morning when they woke up and realized that Murray, our elf, was actually IN Jayce's room! Jaina exclaimed, "You mean he was watching us sleep!?" As the day wore on, the kids figured out that they didn't have to really watch their behavior in the rest of the house because Murray probably couldn't see them from the bedroom. Little stinkers!

These photos were also a bit of a practice assignment for me. I read a famous photographer's blog and she just posted a FAQ on shooting at a high ISO with a light source included in her photo. Dude, I really need a new camera. I know that its the photographer, not the camera that makes the shot. But there comes a time that the photographer is limited by the capabilities of her camera. I really need a full-frame sensor, higher ISO options, more automatic focus points, and the capability of shooting at a higher shutter speed than 1/4000.

Dear Santa, will you please bring me a Canon 5D Mark II? I know that its much more than my husband spent on his silly motorcycle, but really... does life need to be fair? I've been a very good girl! I could have probably been a better mom or wife, but honestly... have you tried living with my family? :)

A girl can dream, can't she?


  1. a girl *must* dream... (it keeps her sane ;)) ...

  2. I love that the Elf can't see them since it's in the bedroom, smart thinking.

    It would be awesome if that dream came true for you!!

  3. I hope Santa comes through! How fun would that be!! Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas!! :)

  4. Jessie... he's looking at me.

  5. Leyna has already figured out that our elf can't see her in certain rooms too. Stinkers! Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!


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