The phrase "There's just not enough time in the day" rings so true for me. Its not that there are so many things I *have* to get done, its more like there are so many things I *want* to get done.

Its all about priorities and balance. Some things get put by the way side or neglected. This very blog might be one of those things that gets overshadowed by this busy holiday season.

And I fully admit that this concept is a huge problem for me.

First of all, my priorities differ greatly from my husband's. He's a clean freak. Do you know what he'd do if he was a Stay At Home Dad?

Well, the laundry would be first. Dishes would have already been done the night before, mind you. He's not one to leave dishes in the sink EVER. After throwing a load in, he'd make sure all the counter tops and tables were clean in the kitchen/eating area. Then he'd probably move on to the living room, straightening the pillows and couch cushions, vacuuming the rug, returning toys to the playroom. I'm not sure what would be next... the master bedroom perhaps? Making all the beds?

After the general maintenance was done, it would be time for a "special project". This might be cleaning out the fridge! (And not just the food stuff, actually removing shelves and bleaching them!) Or cleaning the baseboards! Or dusting the plantation blinds. Or vacuuming the window sills.

He may reward himself with his favorite homemade lunch, seated at the table of course, while watching the noon newscast.

His afternoon chore list would be interspersed with cleaning tasks while also programming his own computer for fun, not work.

Time to pick up the kids. He'd cart them straight home, no time for fast food or the park. Homework would be done immediately, followed by piano practicing for Jaina. As soon as Jayce's therapist arrives, he'd start prepping dinner. All the dishes he used to cook with would be in the dishwasher before the meal was even ready.

And if I our roles were reversed, I would be walking into a clean, orderly house. With clean, orderly kids all ready for dinner (7 PM) followed by bedtime (8 PM).

Yes, my husband would love to be a stay-at-home dad. Unfortunately, even with my 4 year bachelor's degree, I will never be able to compete with my husband's career in terms of compensation. Not only has he been in the work force for 15 years, but he also chose a career that tends to have steady income and many opportunities. Me? I followed my heart and majored in an area that was conducive to helping children, not computers.

And what I really wanted to do anyway was be a Stay At Home Mom. Any career goals I had after college graduation would be quickly put aside for the hope of a family. Home is really where I wanted to be.

Nine and a half years later, you will find me a very contented stay-at-home mommy :) I fill my days with volunteer work, with friends, with photography, with my part-time paid position within the special needs community. I make sure my kids' needs are met while making sure my own are met as well. When my husband comes home, we turn our focus on him and give him some much  needed attention. We love spending time together as a family and often go fun places on the weekend.

In my mind, my priorities are straight on. I lead a very happy, very fulfilled life.

But I do admit that I neglect something. And that something is the housekeeping.

And I'm okay with this :)

Now just tell my husband to be!


  1. I wish I am better at housework, too, but that's just not my thing. :( I'm sure your husband did not marry you because he thought you would be good at housework. :)

  2. Oh : ) What a great post. Me too. Housework is so tedious. I try to be excited about it but I fail...
    I love the happily scrubbing children. too cute for words! : )

  3. I am not too good at the housekeeping, but in my defence I also work part-time (from home) while trying to manage 3 children, only one of whom is in school. The way I see it though is that if you do the housework you will only have to do it again (maybe even the same day!!) so I get the basics done and do the rest when I can:) *Dust is a protective layer on my furniture* Jen

  4. I think I need a bumper sticker that says something like "Save the Dustbunnies"! Housework seems to be the LAST thing done around here.

  5. My husband sounds very similar to yours!!! LOL

    I had no idea I wanted to be a stay at home mom until I had our first baby. Now I know for sure, there is no other career out there that would satify me!


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