Gingerbread men, not houses

Hats off to you fabulous crafty people who bake and design their own Gingerbread houses each holiday season.

I am not one of those people.

Instead, I'm lucky if 4 simple cookies make it from the counter

to the baking stone

to the table

without a casualty.

(I am thankful to say that there were no casualties this year!)

So, armed with our supplies,

we set out to decorate the best Gingerbread cookies in South Carolina. 




Brian finally decided to join us. He even made a cookie, too!

but he ate it before I could get a good photo. 

So, blog readers....

What do you normally bake during the holidays?


  1. You are a seriously smart woman! The cookies are adorable--our gingerbread house kit brought out my Grinchy side when a) first batch of icing was too thick; b) second batch of icing was too thin; and c) one of the walls kept collapsing. The kids had fun with it, though.

    I usually bake at least a dozen kinds of cookies for friends and neighbors (and us!), but this year I'm making The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls for neighbor gifts...they are sinfully delicious and really pretty easy. I was worried--I never made them before, but the kids and I tested a batch of them--and they got a big thumbs up.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. so cute! We do cut out cookies too- but my kids were much messier than yours!


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