Before and After Blog Hop: Holiday Bokeh

Its time once again to participate in Pixel Perfect's Before and After blog hop! I'm glad I checked my blogs early today instead of late! Usually I read about it on Friday morning and by then its too late!

So, I took this picture of a hershey's hug a few days before Christmas. I was really just messing around with my camera by trying to duplicate some bokeh from my Christmas tree lights that I had seen on the Pioneer Woman's blog.

You guys know I'm editing challenged :P I typically try to get it exposed correctly in the camera and only use basic Picasa to sharpen and adjust contrast. I just learned how to do levels adjustment on GIMP. And use the unsharpen mask, too! I'm on a roll!

Here's my image after adjusting levels, sharpening, and adding texture. Subtle, but different.

Go check out all the other Before and After images! :)


  1. Very subtle edit. Nice shot! I love the bokeh!

  2. Great shot Jess! and Nice Bokeh! Way to give the nifty 50 a workout!

    but it looks like you might have some dust on your sensor in looking at the Bokeh.

  3. Love it!! The Bokeh is great and very festive!

  4. cute idea! Great bokeh!

  5. Love the texture on this! Great job!

  6. Looks great. I used the same Kisses to play with capturing Bokeh.

  7. This is a fabulous shot!

  8. Love this. Great edit!

  9. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Great! I love how your edit just improved an already cool picture.
    One of your commenters mentioned dust. My bokeh is doing the same thing. Wonder how you clean it?


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