Interesting Car Conversations

Our drive to school in the mornings only takes 15 minutes at best, but that's a huge opportunity to have some interesting conversations.

me: "Hey guys! Miss Becca found out she was going to have a baby GIRL yesterday! Isn't that exciting? Lou and Cassie are going to have a baby sister!"
jayce: (pause) "But it was supposed to be a boy."
jaina: "Can I keep her?"

jayce: "How do you get pregnant?"
me: "Well, mommies have eggs in their uterus. Sometimes the egg turns into a baby."
jaina: "I don't want that to happen to me! I'll just pay somebody to have my eggs."


jaina: "When I am 18 and go off to college, I'm taking Shaggy with me."
jayce: "No, Jaina! I want to take Shaggy!"
jaina: "You can have Alli."
jayce: "NO! Alli will be dead!"
me: "Guys, you can't take dogs to college with you. They won't let you."
jaina: "Well, when I get out of college, I'll get one."
me: "Sure, when you are living in your own apartment and working your own job."
jaina: "Can I really? Please mommy? Will you please let me have a new puppy when I am 22? Please? I'm begging you! I'll take such good care of it!"
me: "Jaina, when you are 22, I doubt you'll be asking me for permission to have a dog.
jaina: "But I really want one! It will be so cute! Please? Will you think about it? Please?"

jayce: "When I'm 22, I want to go to daycare. Can grownups go to daycare, mommy?"
jaina: "No, Jayce! Daycare is only for little kids! You won't need to go."
me: "You can work at a daycare, Jayce. You can be a worker and help take care of the kids."
jayce: "Okay, I'll do that after I am a football player. And a power line worker."
jaina: "I thought you were going to be a teacher."
jayce: "oh. I forgot."


  1. hehehe, I love these conversations! 22 seems to be a good age in your house :) Jen

  2. lol
    i was going to say, 22 is the magical age it seems.

  3. *chuckle* Priceless

  4. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Thanks for the morning laugh!

    Btw - can I have a puppy for Christmas? LOL

  5. Oh, I loved these!

    Totally cracked me up Jaina wanting your permission to have a puppy when she's 22! =)


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