Christmas Eve and 37 weeks

We have a long standing tradition on Christmas Eve. We've been spending it together with Brian's best friend Thad's family for as long as I've known Brian. FT and Nancy, Thad's parents, are the closest thing Brian has to local family and it just seems natural to spend holidays with them.

They treat spoil our children like their own grandchildren.

Before we left to celebrate Christmas Eve, I let the kids open their new pajamas from Gymboree.  This the first year that they were not a surprise. The kids were actually with me when I was at the mall and picked them out themselves. I was disappointed that Jaina went with a non-Christmasy theme for hers, but she's really into the hot chocolate line that Gymboree carried a few months ago.

Then we were off!

Oh my goodness... someone actually bought my husband a chain saw!!! What was Nancy thinking????

Danielle and I took belly shots :)

She's 35 weeks:

I was about to turn 37 weeks the next day:

It has been awesome having a pregnancy buddy to share my complaints with!

It was a very merry Christmas eve!


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