Still alive and no baby yet :)

My internet friends are having a 6th sense about when I'll go into labor. Even some of my "in real life" friends are thinking that this baby will come in 2011. Who knows? I keep telling everyone not to get their hopes up! Jaina was 11 days past due and Jayce was 4. I'm a firm believer in letting babies come when they are ready!

Now that Christmas is over, I'd really be okay with a baby any time.

I was supposed to go see my midwife for my 37 week appointment (3 days late), but got a horrible case of stomach cramping this afternoon and ended up canceling. I feel as though a plague is upon my town. Every time I check Face Book, all I see is my friends saying, "Oh no... its strep" or "All three of my kids have RSV!" or "Stomach bug strikes again".

Even the little 14 month old I keep has not been to my house in two weeks. She had 8 whole days of throwing up and required IV fluids. Although she is feeling better now, we agreed that I would just start watching her again when my kids go back to school. You know, if I don't have a newborn by then :)

I'll be back soon with pictures... Christmas Eve at our friends' house, Christmas morning excitement, and our Staska Family Christmas in Tucker.

But for now, I'm going to go read a book and go to bed. Because you never know if I'll wake up to contractions one of these days :)


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