Jayce's Class Christmas Party

One of the best things about being a Stay-at-home mom is the ease in which I can attend activities at my children's schools without worrying about what my boss would say or how it would reflect on my dedication to my job :)

Jaina's at a new school this year and they do NOT have an open door policy. Parents are not welcome to volunteer in the classroom, attend field trips, or class parties. Believe me when I tell you that if there was another option for her to attend a different school, she'd be there in a heartbeat. Its not a district policy whatsoever, just this one principal's rules. I am happy to report that my husband has been a great big pain in her ass about many of the policies at this new school and we frequently let her know about our displeasure. Whether or not that will lead to any change in procedure is still unknown.

But I was quite welcome to attend Jayce's party :) And bring stuff in! I brought cookies and pineapple. The pineapple was slightly a weird request, but I had told the teacher that I would prefer to bring something more "healthy" instead of just the typical cookies, cupcakes, and chips that you normally find at parties. Cheese cubes are also usually a hit with the kids, as are grapes.

Jayce is always a bit apprehensive when I come visit his class. He's having a hard time right now (at home) with change in routine. He handled me being there very well this time, only getting antsy in his seat a few times. (Last year in Kindergarten, he couldn't sit down at all while I was there!)

I got to meet Jayce's best friend in class this year for the first time. He's a very quiet, very shy, sweet boy. Jayce keeps insisting that he is NOT shy at all, but I got a very different impression!

Jayce's teacher gave all the kids in the class a new book for Christmas. Jayce read it to me :)

Jayce didn't really eat much during his party, which is typical for him. I'm actually surprised that he eats his lunch in the lunch room surrounded by classmates every day. Last year, his teacher had to only let him get one thing out of his lunch box at a time so he'd not get overwhelmed by too many food choices.

The cookies were GOOD! (yeah, so not watching what I'm eating these last 4 weeks of pregnancy!)

The kids then performed "The Twelve Days of Christmas" with a Southern South Carolina twist :) For example, it was a "wren in a palmetto tree" instead of the regular old partridge.

Jayce sang his little heart out :) That answered another question that his therapists had about school behavior. We've noticed at home that he has a hard time with "choral response" (which is fancy talk for speaking or singing in unison with a group). Again, this just seems to be an issue at home or in public, not in school at all.

And lastly, a picture with his teacher. We are so lucky to have her in our lives!

And now Christmas Break from school has started. I'm loving not having an alarm clock or packing lunches. I'm not loving the fact that my kids are fighting over a Wii Lego Batman game behind me as I type this, but I'm not ready to send them back to school... yet :)


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