Holiday Lights

I am never reminded how much I need a new camera body until I try to take photos at night without flash, just using the available light. Most photographers are able to set their ISO to 6400, open up their apertures as wide as possible, use a tripod with a slow shutter speed and VOILA! Photos that are crisp, clear, and looks like you had lots of fancy off-camera lighting equipment.

My maximum ISO capability is 1600. And I don't own an external flash or filters even to help out. So my photos turned out pretty darn crappy.

But since this wasn't a shoot and just a fun evening with my family and my daughter's friends, I'm posting them anyway, crappiness and all :)

(spell checker says "crappiness" is not a word. I disagree!)

I put the photos in collages to make them easier to post.

Jaina had her very first multiple guest sleep over the other night. None of the guests had met each other before and everyone got along beautifully! 

The lights were beautiful as always. I wish I had captured them a bit better.

Originally my mom was going to keep Jayce at her house as not to bother the girls, but we wanted him to be a part of our fun. 

The balloon sculptures were a huge hit as always :)

Thank you Roper Mountain for always being a great family tradition!


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