Christmas in Tucker

The kids barely had time to play with their toys before we started packing up for the 2.5 hour drive to my Dad and Stepmom's house.

I know some might think it a bit crazy to drive yourself out of town at 37 weeks pregnant, but I wasn't worried. First of all, both Jaina and Jayce were born past 40 weeks gestation. Secondly, my labors were 24 hours with both of them. If I *did* happen to go into labor, I was just going to ask one of my relatives to drive me and the kids back home as soon as contractions started. All the worrying and planning was irrelevant, though :)

As soon as we got to town, Kim had a huge Christmas dinner spread for us. My brother Jeff and his girlfriend Pam came over a few minutes later. Unexpectedly, my brother Jason and his girlfriend Cristina made the nasty 10-12 hour drive from Southern Florida to be with us as well. My sister Jami lives in the area, so she was already at my parent's house.

I have to give the kids a lot of credit. Even though they had JUST eaten turkey, stuffing, greenbeans, mac and cheese, and bread at our house for lunch, they turned right back around and ate it again at my parent's house for dinner. No one complained or asked when they could open presents. It might have been a Christmas miracle :P

The next morning we all trekked over to my sister Jami's new-to-her house. Its adorable! The lighting was completely different in each room and I never did get my white balance settings right, so I took the easy way out and processed in black and white.

Breakfast was delicious! Thanks so much Jami! (And I'm sorry I spilled OJ all over your table!)

My stepmom is a potter by hobby and is lucky enough to have her own kiln. My kids had shaped some clay into bowls and cups and trays last time we were there. Now it was time to paint.

Pottery glaze is pretty awesome stuff! It goes on one color and when fired, turns another. Can you guess what color the burnt orangy/red color turns into when fired? I'll post pictures of their finished pottery tomorrow!


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