Thanksgiving Part Two

(you can read Part One Here)

The kids were looking forward to ONE thing and one thing only at Thanksgiving this year...

Deviled eggs.

All I can say is "yuck". I can't stand them. And I won't make them. Why my kids love them is beyond me.

Jayce asked our hostess every 5 minutes (for 90 minutes) when the deviled eggs would be ready.

This is his plate after he was "done" eating.

I think he ate a bit of ham, three green beans, and one bite of his deviled egg.

His "tummy wasn't hungry" for food, he claimed. That's Jayce speak for either "I'm overwhelmed right now and can't sit down to eat" or "I just don't like it but I don't know how to tell you this."

He ate some of these instead:

Oh, well. Its was a holiday, right?

We did some good damage to the turkey. I normally don't care for turkey, but this one was especially moist and juicy. YUM!

Then we all went outside for a bit. It was a beautiful day. Warm enough not to need a jacket, but cool enough to not be hot.

Nancy thought it would be a good idea to tell Jayce how to start a fire with sticks. He worked very hard at it for a good 15 minutes. Um, thanks Nancy.

I had Jaina take some pictures of me and Danielle.

And no, the photo hasn't been cropped post processing by me. This is how she composed it. I guess she thought our pregnant bellies were more important than our cute faces.

Then we got some pics with our lovely host and hostess. As much time as we spend with FT and Nancy, we seldom take pictures with them.

It was a great Thanksgiving :)


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