Before and After

As long as I've known Brian, he's never looked like this before. I have to admit, the process was painful to watch. But I ended up getting used to his longer hair and thought he was a tad bit sexy in his superman baseball cap. I've always had a thing for a guy in a hat :)

Why did my husband do this, you ask? Because he was "proving" to his company that he was so busy working 24/7 for them to get their project completed by deadline, that he didn't even have time for a haircut. Or a tie, for that matter. Or a dress shirt. Or sometimes, even some slacks. (He did, however, wear jeans instead of just his boxers :) )

So, on April 21st, Brian's first day off since Christmas, he took advantage of the Great Clips $2.99 special and went and had ALL his hair chopped off. Thank goodness!


  1. He really looks like Jayce in the 2nd picture. Wow, he looks like the Super Hero from Fantastic 4, the Wolverine guy (in the first picture)

  2. So, did he prove his point? He looks high in the first picture, hehe.


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