A very brown thumb

Take a good look at these beautiful miniature roses:

Yeah, cause they don't look like that now, after I planted them. How on earth do you work in a plant nursery for year, take two horticultural botany classes in college, have a stepmom that can grow anything, and end up with a brown thumb?

I planted the miniature roses exactly like the card said. The exact depth. In full sun. I even got some bone meal and organic soil conditioner to mix in with our cement-like red clay yard. I have watered faithfully every day this week.

And still, they pretty much look dead as doornails :(


  1. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Oh sorry for your roses, but maybe could it be a problem with the plant you bought.
    I'm not good at all gardening, i have only tulips and some small floweers not hard to keep.


  2. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Ahhhh...too bad. They were beautiful! :o)

  3. For the life of me I can not keep miniature roses alive... I can keep other things alive and even large rose bushes (even when I TRY to kill the, lmao) but not mini roses. I am sorry they died, but don't beat yourself up over it!


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