So, its official...

I'm not crazy!! (well, not severely anyway!)

For us, ignorance has NOT been bliss. Ever since we had concerns about Jayce's diet, sleep habits, hand flapping, and lack of speech at age 18 months old, we have been living in a world of uncertainty. Is it autism? Is it sensory intergration dysfunction? Is he normal and our parenting sucks? Is it just a mild learning disability? Just a speech delay? Are we just making all this crap up?

Now, we have an official diagnosis. High-functioning autism. Meaning, Jayce falls on the spectrum that is known as autism, but his symptoms are mild. Yet, he has enough characteristics to meet criteria for this diagnosis. Really, its the best thing we could hope for, as funny as that sounds. We know Jayce needs help adapting to his every day life. We know he responds to therapy and diet interventions remarkably well. So, I was really hoping for this "label" to be on official paperwork so we could open more doors for services.

Yet, having an autism label is scary. After all, its a life-long mental disorder with an unknown cause and an unknown future. Except that I don't worry about Jayce's future. He's going to be fine, I honestly believe that. He has too many positives going for him NOT to be. I am going to help him learn to play with toys appropriately, He is going to learn how to make friends. He will learn how to use speech in every day conversation and in social situations. He is very smart and very bright. Combine that with happy and affectionate, and he's got a great future ahead of him. And, if he doesn't meet these goals that we have for him, well.... he can always get a job as a computer programmer like his daddy :)


  1. (((((((( HUGS )))))))) It feels like I'm supposed to say "I'm sorry", but having been where you are..... I'm really far more inclined to say "Congratulations". Now you know. Now you have a direction to work in. Now you can, hopefully, get more in way of services. Now you can "begin" as it were. You are such a strong Mama. Jayce is such a wonderful kiddo. You guys are gonna do great.... and, on the days where the going gets tough, you know we're here for you. We're ready to throw our hands up and celebrate w/ you or throw our hands around you when you need the support..... day or night!

  2. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Jessie you are so amazing. You can do this. Your skills and your attitude and you love will guide you. I am proud to call you my friend.


  3. I can relate to what you are going through. When Quinn was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, I felt very much the same way. Jess, things always work out - maybe not the way we wanted or the way we expected, but they always work out. There are tons and tons of online communities and I am sure there are local groups there that offer support and information to the newly diagnosed. The three most important things I can say to you are to surround yourself with support, information cures (well, eases) anxiety, and last but not least- remember to take time for yourself. Most people forget how important caring for themselves is, but we are all much better parents after we have been in time out ourselves. I love you Jess, and though this may make life more complex than you expecting, it is not going to break you - or Jayce for that matter. Hugs and kisses to you all...


  4. jess, you are so smart and so wonderful...and you have such an awesome sense of humor to carry you through on the rough days. and then the other days, just lean back and we'll catch you... ;)


  5. Jessie, you have such great friends that leave such nice comments. I agree with them. Your sense of humor and your intelligence will get you through the tough spots. Your family will always be by your side. I always say God doesn't give us more than we can handle. I am glad you have your official diagnosis, you can move in the direction you need to now. I am proud of how positive you are. Power of positive thinking, hope and love can give you the strength you need. If Jayce doesn't want to be a computer programmer he can become a musical engineer like Jeremy :) Love-Melissa xoxo

  6. He will be just fine, he's got you and the rest of his family and all the love in the world! You guys are doing awesome already and like you say, now you get access to all the services he needs.
    I LOVE your attitude Jess!

  7. LOL at your last comment. Jayce is in very good company. ♥

  8. And I have corey to thank for my great attitude, by the way :)

  9. Jessie, I'm really glad for you too! Jayce is a sweet, sweet boy and now instead of being unsure, you can know what you are up against. So glad you went with your mommy instincts to find help for your little man!


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