My baby turns THREE!

My little man, at two months old:

5 months old:

8 months in the bathtub:

First birthday party! Dodi made a Baby Einstein caterpillar cake:

15 months old, at the park. He had just gotten a swing pushed into his head, hence the big bump!

20 months old! I remember how hard it was to catch a picture of him smiling during this time!

Happy 2nd Birthday! Dodi made us a teletubby cake!

Just turned two in this picture, first week in our new house:

2 and 1/2 years old, with crazy hair!

And here he is currently, the week before turning the big 3!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Jayce! He is very sweet.

    P.S. We had the same bathtub and changing table :)

  2. Happy birthday Jayce. I like the memories of pictures you have. Great idea for the blog :) Love xoxoxo

  3. Thanks for the shameless plugs! Glad you guys had a great birthday with him.


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