Sun Party

Jaina got it in her head that we needed to throw a party. Hmm... well, it wasn't Pink Doggie's birthday. That's not until October. And it wasn't cabbage patch kid Megan's birthday... that's in July. So, Jaina decided to have a Sun Party to celebrate the sun. Sounds good to me!

We even ate Summer Vegetables!

Okay, so I'm stretching it a bit. We had cheesy tuna helper for dinner because it was the only thing I could find that was orange. Oh, and just so you know... we hardly EVER eat boxed dinners anymore! But we made an exception in the name of the party :)

Happy Birthday, dear Sun!

Yum! Those cupcakes are good!

Brian plays "Pin the nose on the Sun" blindfolded by one of Jaina's scarves. Jaina won the game, by the way. It helps to be the same height of the picture!


  1. Wow, that is so cute. I will have to copy Jaina's idea for the boys. We are always looking for a reason to celebrate or have a party! (I was thinking of having an end of the school year party for Joshua or maybe an Earth Day party this weekend.) I like the Sun candle too. MMM, chocolate cupcakes, my favorite. That is so good you don't use box food. I still do, but I did make home made mac and cheese last night, no box. Justin ate two servings and so did I, but not Joshua :( I still need to make your mushroom soup. It was great talking to you yesterday, thanks for taking the time to call and talk, it's always so great to catch up on things.

  2. what a fun mom you are!!

  3. How fun! There is always a good reason to have a party!


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