Dog Wearing

Even though I haven't been the best example of a baby wearing momma, Jaina seems to know instinctively that her dolls and stuffed animals would much rather be carried next to her than in their Graco babydoll carseat. Because what is a carseat for? To ride in the car, of course! There's no danger of one of HER babies developing plagiocephaly!

This back carrier (that can also be worn as a front carrier, kinda like a mei tai), was made for me by my mom when I was four or five years old.


  1. your mom is so cool, jess...i love when you tell stories about her.

  2. That is too sweet.

  3. Love it, I love that it was yours when you were little :)

    Ellie loves to wear her babies and her stuffed animals too!

  4. Sharing your childhood with your daughter, that's so special. Joshua is always wishing I would turn back time and be a kid with him. I love how creative your mother is, she's amazing.


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