Pink Doggie's Travels

Pink Doggie sure knows how to travel in style!!


  1. Where is Pink doggie traveling to? Jaina sure does look pretty! I love all the natural sun light in your house. I bet it's a beautiful home, I can't wait to see it someday.

  2. Thanks, Melissa! That's what I loved about this house, the windows. However, it makes it hot in the summer and cold in the winter!

    Jaina was on her way to spend the night with Gray :)

  3. But, doggie is not pink?!?! How'd s/he get the name?

  4. Ah... good question!

    Jaina's favorite blankie is pink. She's always called it "Pink Blankie". She became attached to that dog the same time she was to the blanket, so she naturally called it "Pink doggie and pink blankie" :) The name stuck!


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