Jaina's Nine!!

I have seen a new level of maturity in Jaina this past week when she was home for Spring Break. I can't tell you all how delightful she has been. She has had excellent manners, obeyed without fuss, handled disappointment well, shown a ton of patience, and seems to understand so much more than a typical 5-year-old-going-on-six.

So, after an AWESOME dentist appointment this morning, I praised her for being so mature.

"What does mature mean?" she asked.

"It means acting like you are older than you really are."

"So I'm nine now?"



  1. Jess-
    Your kids are darling too! ;) Thanks for the comment on my blog and the shout out! I love meeting new blogger friends.
    You are already on the road to taking really great pictures of your kiddos! ;)
    I shoot with a Canon 20d right now but am hoping to invest in the 5d soon! ;) For your plans I would purchase the Canon XTi and a 50mm 1.8 lens. That is going to help you get that great depth of field that most people like in their pictures (where the subject is in focus and the rest is out of focus.) Email me here is you want to chat some more! ;) kamee@kameejune.com
    Hope that helps a bit. Have a great weekend! Cheers- Kamee

  2. happy birthday jaina!!

  3. hee hee :) Jaina will be turning 6 in May. But she tends to wish she was older. Some days she just can't wait to grow up!

  4. Anonymous11:43 PM

    I hear you about your girl. I feel the same way about mine. She is just so mature and she's only 3 (almost 4). It even sounds funny to say my 3 year old is mature but she's a wonderful companion to have. I LOVE being with her.


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