And it happened just like that!

Who would have known that an 8 year old big sister would be so insightful?

Because the birth of her new baby sister, Caroline Elizabeth, happened just like that.

Already mom to Anna and Emily, and soon-to-be mom to Caroline, knew to go to the hospital as soon as contractions, albeit irregular, started. At the hospital, they told her for the third time in her life, "You aren't dilated enough to be in active labor. You can't have an epidural." Tracy insisted that her babies like to come fast. By the time she would get to 4 cm, the baby would be crowning 10 minutes later. They didn't believe her. And that's exactly what happened with baby #3, just like her big sister's births.

Baby Caroline was born at 12:40 AM, weighing in at 6 lbs 12 ounces, 19 inches long, and a head full of BLOND hair! She is nursing like a champ and already enjoying being in this big big world.

Congratulations Tracy and Welcome baby Caroline!!!


  1. that's weird....they always gave me a label that meant "watch out, this mama goes quick"...i forget what it was...

    congratulations to your friend! and hugs to her family... <3


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