Little Booger

Jaina and Jayce have this little game they play. Annoying as it is, I am still thrilled that they have found this one thing to "connect" on. The game is simple, really. It consists of Jaina running and chasing Jayce from one end of the house to the other. Sometimes she even makes roaring noises. At the end of the house, she tickles him once, calls him a "Little booger" and then they hug. Then they do it again.

Sometimes it gets way too out of control. Sometimes the screaming/roaring is so loud I can't stand it. Sometimes the tickling gets too rough and Jayce falls down. Sometimes Jayce gets too scared at the roaring part. But, for the most part, Jayce will walk up to Jaina and say, "play booger?"

Except that it doesn't come out "booger" from my son's mouth. It sounds much more like a very naughty cuss word, as if "booger" wasn't inappropriate enough! Its all Brian and I can do to not roll on the floor laughing every time Jayce yells, "Jaina!! Play Booger!"


  1. I love Jaina, she's so pretty. Your so lucky to have a girl. It's funny the games siblings play. The boys play "Lab", it's hiding under the sheets in my big bed. They stay up there for at least a 1/2 hour. Then Joshua usually gets bored and says "Mom has a surprise for you, go see Mom!"

  2. Anonymous3:42 PM

    They are so funny at this age!!

  3. i LOVE that pic of jaina looking over her shoulder... (wub smilie here...a few of them)


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