Jaina's Birthday Slide Show

Oh wow... where do I start? Friday. Friday is a good place to begin.


My mom came to stay with Jayce while I went and had lunch with Jaina at her school. I made chocolate fudge brownies by her request. We found Spongebob and Patrick candies to go on top. After I baked the brownies I realized that you don't typically put frosting on brownies. Therefore, the candies didn't really want to stay in place. Oh well!

The other thing I realized is that I didn't know how many kids Jaina had in her class. I had 24 brownies. When I got there, I counted 26 kids. The teacher quickly assured me that there were only 25 kids and that one of the little boys didn't like chocolate. However, he did want a brownie with a spongebob candy, though. I was saved by the bell when a little girl was picked up early right before the brownies were handed out. Whew!

Then it was off to the west side of town. We went and spent $5 in tokens at Chuck E. Cheese. Then we headed over to Toys R Us to pick out whatever she wanted. Well, not entirely true. She wanted this HUGE (and I mean huge!) stuffed dog that was $50. I said no way, no how. We already are the proud owners of a giant pink unicorn and you can barely walk in her room as it is. Instead she picked "Snuffy" who was luckily only $14.99. She also found a monkey pillow and blanket that she wanted. I would have never picked out those presents for her in a million years. Guess it goes to show you how well I know my daughter!

The next morning was her big birthday party at Pump It Up, the inflatable play place in town. She invited some friends from school and from MOMS Club. And of course, her best friends from our old neighborhood. We got a sitter for Jayce and everyone had a wonderful time!


  1. Wow, looks like so much fun. A birthday to remember for sure. Whew, lot's of kids at her party, that is great! A lot of work, but worth it.

    GOod thing the brownie incident at class worked out, I can never tell how many kids are in Joshua's class about 18 right now. Jaina has alot of kids in her class. Great cake and pictures. We have a pump it up down here in Davie, FL (way South broward).

    Joshua is funny at Toys R US, he's so predictable, but kids do change their minds and do surprise us Moms.

    I like the Monkey shirts. The theme was Monkeys? How original. I like it.

    Were you okay with the camera? I know at times they can be intimidating. I still need more classes for mine! I like your composing of shots, you did good. Have fun with it.


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