Pizza Planet

Okay, so the park we went to in the next town over isn't really called "Pizza Planet". But that's what Jaina calls it, hence the name of my new post. She got the name from the scene in Disney's Toy Story where Buzz and Woody get stuck in the claw game at the pizza restaurant. And this park is nothing like that, but that's what you get when your child has an imagination :)

We hardly ever come down to this park. The drive isn't terrible... just about 40 minutes or so, but its long enough to make it annoying. And with gas prices as they are, we really have to be careful about how much $$ we spend.

But we have some really good memories. We had Jaina's 4th birthday party here. And we've come with MOMS Club several times for picnics. And we've been recently with our Attachment Parenting group. In the dead heat of the summer, they turn on the misters in the middle of the park, which all the kids love. Especially Jayce.

Another cool thing about this park is that its completely handicapped accessible in one section. Funny how I really didn't notice things like that before Jayce got a label. We are so lucky that Jayce doesn't have any motor skill delays (well, he has some fine motor skill delays and some low muscle tone issues, but no gross motor delays), but when he gets too big for the baby bucket swings, we'll have to move to the "red swings" or, aka, the special needs swings. They are basically plastic chairs with high backs and a place to put your legs while you swing.

Jaina was three years old when she learned how to use a "big girl" swing. I put Jayce on one at the park last weekend just to see what would happen. He was okay for a brief minute swinging very slow and then he got very scared. Jayce has "gravitational insecurity"and does not like his feet to not touch the ground. He feels very secure in a bucket swing and on the low hanging therapy swings at the hospital.

Anyway, our day was filled with fun.... until Jaina got motion sickness :(

You would have thought we would have learned our lesson the first time. Or the second time. I swear we've learned it this time! Jaina cannot go on tire swings. She will throw up afterwards. There. Now its official since I wrote it in my blog. No matter how much fun she thinks she is having, do not let Jaina on a tire swing.

After she told me her tummy felt like she was going to throw up, I let her lie down in a bed of mulch on my jacket while she rested. 30 minutes later, I thought we were safe to drive home.

That would be a big "Nope!". 5 minutes later, she is puking all over her pink jacket. I didn't have any bags or bowls or anything else she could throw up in. The jacket worked just fine and we balled it up and put it on the floor board until we could get home. Let's hope we don't repeat that again!

That night, we went to a cookout at Dodi's house to meet some new friends. We had a blast and the day ended on a great note :)


  1. Looks like fun! 40 minutes is a long way to drive for a park! My goodness, I hope you stayed all day, lol. I love Jaina's imagination, reminds me of a little 5-year old I know :)

  2. Yeah, 40 minutes is far for a park, but at least it has fond memories for you all. This park reminds me so much of Pioneer Park in my city. It "blew away" with Hurricane Frances in 2005, they are just now rebuilding it, I swear this looks just like it. How cool!


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