Daisy Petals

The school year is almost over and school isn't the only thing that's ended for the season. We said "goodbye" to the friends we've made at Girl Scouts last week.

My little girl is no longer a daisy. She will be a brownie in the fall. Jaina is super excited because they get to wear brown vests :)

Its been an interesting experience, to say the least. Luckily, I know not to judge the entire girl scout program on just one experience with a local troop, so I am excited to see what Jaina's new Brownie troop will have in store for them in the Fall.

And don't forget... the best part of having a daughter as a girl scout is the cookies!!!


  1. I slacked off this year and didn't do boy scouts, Jeremy said Joshua was too immature. That is great that Jaina did Girl Scouts. I never heard of the Daisy, how cute. Wow, she will be an official brownie next year, how special. The opportunities and world this will open up for her. I think ALL kids should do the Scouts.


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