Spring Fling

Jaina in the bouncy house:


Jaina got compliments on her face painting the entire afternoon!

Brian was the lucky one and got to ride all the rides with Jaina. No fair!

Riding the roller coaster. Jayce was mesmerized watching it, but answered with an astounding "NO!" when asked if he wanted to ride.

It was only 81 degrees, but Jaina complained it was too hot to walk! What on earth is she gonna do the rest of the summer?

I love this picture!

Too bad they weren't giving away free ice cream!

Daddy and Jayce checking out the fountain. Jayce wasn't so sure about it:

Jaina at the fountain:

Jayce spent the majority of the time in the stroller, just watching everything. He got out and walked in the beginning, but it was too hard with the crowds to keep him comfortable.


  1. Tell Jaina, that every time Justin sees a girl with her type of hair cut, he says "Jaina" and starts to point. He still remembers her :) for instance the little girl in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, he will jump up and say "Jaina". Oh! and all girls are Emma's even me. He will say bad Emma, if he thinks I am being bad.

  2. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Jayce is so adorable - look at his eyes!! gorgeous...


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