Fish Eye Lens

Grandma Kim came up with a wonderful idea for Jayce's 3rd birthday present. She had read somewhere in an article pertaining to children with autism liking to watch fish swim in an aquarium.

We are now the proud owners of a BiOrb, which is a kinda cool looking globe 4 gallon aquarium. It is perfect for Jayce.

Going to the pet store was quite the disaster, though. The pet store worker was no where to be found when we got in there. While we were strolling around, having no clue about what we were looking for, 4 other people walked into the store. So, when the man finally came out of the back, he helped them first.

Jayce heard the birds so we went over to see them. They had a blue macaw out of his cage in the middle of the store. Jayce absolutely lost it. He loves birds, but is scared of them up close. He won't even go near Kodak, my dad's scarlet macaw anymore.

You would think that a screaming kid would get you help faster? Nope. Again, the man took his sweet time helping everyone else but us.

And when it was finally my turn (thanks to one man who politely let us go ahead of him), the pet store worker treated me like I was an idiot that shouldn't even be allowed to have fish or a fish tank.

I purchased 3 neons and 3 rios, remembered to get some food, and then got the hell outta dodge. But the man had scared me so much about my water temperature, I was sure that I'd wake up the next morning with 6 dead fish and $20 down the drain.

By the way, Brian says we got over charged on the fish. How was I to know?

1 week later and the fish are happy and alive!


  1. So much for the local folk, huh? Yikes!

    I hope Jayce loves the fish.

  2. That is an awesome tank! How does Jayce like it so far?

  3. people working in the fish department can be so weird...i have had some pretty negative experiences, too. (shaking head)

    that is a very cool aquarium...

    (and big birds freak me out, too...)


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