Happy Birthday Jaina!!!

My "baby" is 6 years old today!!

Since her birthday weekend is just beginning, it might take a few days to post pictures. Already today we've:
-had lunch together at school
-baked Spongebob Squarepants brownies
-went to Toys R Us to buy a huge stuffed dog named Fluffy
-opened presents from Gray (a spirograph!)
-spent $5 in tokens at Chuck E. Cheese
-picked up cake and balloons
-helped mom and Gray paint monkeys on t-shirts for party favors
-went out for Ice cream at Bruster's with Daddy

And like I said, the weekend has only just begun! Let the party begin :)


  1. Joshua called her a day early yesterday. I hope she didn't mind. I couldn't remember if it was the 22nd or 23rd, so I hope she has had a wonderful day. Joshua loves her and Justin was sad that he didn't leave a message, he remembers her too. Wow, a Spirograph! your mom finds the coolest stuff. I remember those, they are so much fun and creative. Lunch at school...AW! That's so cool, she will always remember that. Tomorrow is Emma's party, so I will be thinking of Jaina too.


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