Glo E Bear

This is Jaina's most prized possession. Can't you tell? Because its also Jayce's favorite toy of the moment, too.

Jaina scrimped and saved for that bear for months! She first saw it in either March or April at Walmart one day. They wanted $25 bucks for that thing! A stuffed animal that lights up? No way is that worth over $20. So I told her "No, I will not be buying that for you today." So she decided to earn the money herself.

She earned $.25 cents for every "green" card she got at school (green is the highest good behavior score you can get). If she got 5 in a row, that earned her an extra dollar on top from me. Grandma gave her $3 for having a good dentist visit, no cavities, and not crying. I paid her a whole dollar for cleaning up a food mess her brother made because I was too pissed off and lazy to do it myself. She conned another dollar from me by claiming she was "babysitting" Jayce one afternoon when she was really just trying to play with him. She got a dollar every week for feeding Alli our dog and keeping her water bowl filled. Still, she got discouraged when she only had $18 with $7 more to go.

Funny, that was the same day I was at Toys R Us shopping for Jayce's birthday present. What did I find on the clearance shelf? None other than Glo E. himself. I guess other people thought he wasn't worth $25 either :) We got him for the bargain price of $13. When Jaina saw him for the first time after school, you would have thought that it was HER birthday!

Jayce didn't care one bit about that bear until hours later, when it was time for bed. That was when Jaina showed him that you could press the button in his hand and watch a kaleidescope full of colors appear. He turns every color of the rainbow for 15 minutes before shutting himself off.

No matter how many times we said, "Jayce... that's JAINA'S BEAR!" he wouldn't stop lugging it around. Jaina wanted to sleep in Jayce's room that night (on the floor) and they had their first fight over it. Jaina went to sleep with Glo E. in her arms. But when I went to check on Jayce later, the little stinkerpot had it tucked under HIS arm in his toddler bed!!!

Luckily, now, weeks later, the bear has lost much of its appeal to both kids. They have learned to share it quite well. Now Jayce brings the bear over to her and says, "Jaina's bear" proudly.

Then screams "NOOOOO!! Jayce's turn!!" :)

Okay, so they sort of share it :)


  1. Oh my gosh, she finally got that bear. I can see why she wanted it. I love it! I am proud of her. She's a good girl. That's funny about Jayce, I am going thru the same thing right now with Justin and Joshua.

  2. Anonymous1:34 PM

    j saw that bear right now as i was reading your blog, and she said "that bear is so cool....(pause).... i wish i could have that bear!" :) also, it's funny, J and L have almost the same exact game that your J's chases the other around (we have a loop that goes from our hallway into the living room around the couch, and back out to the hall), pretty much making silly noises and hugging/falling on top of each other at the end. they call it "gargle monster" lol


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