The Party

Another awesome cake by Dodi. Honestly, what would we do without her? Her cakes are always a big hit. We couldn't decide on a theme for Jayce's birthday for anything! I asked him several times and he'd either say, "All gone birthday" or else say "Wiggles" or "Cookie Monster" or "spiderman". But he had no clue about what we were asking, so I just finally had to pick. I hope I did well!

"Feed Cookie Monster?" was the first thing Jayce said and did when he saw his cake. He fed him a cookie!

Its time to sing!

"Yay! Good Job!" says Jayce after the Happy Birthday song:

Jayce wasn't interested in opening presents. But he did like the Chicka Chicka 123 book that Gray got him!

Our guest list included:
Monica, Angie and her girls, Lori and Denis from across the street, and Gray :)

There's Maddie and Virginia... the guests of honor! It wouldn't be a party without them :)


  1. Looks like fun! Cute cake... too bad Dodi wasn't closer to me, lol.

  2. Great cake, I always slave trying to make Justin's and usually end up making about 4 of them until I get the final one, and at that point I am so sick of it, I just want to throw it on the ground. This year the kids hated the taste of it, but at least it looked good. Next birthday I will hire some one to do it, now if only Dodi did mail order cakes :) Looks like Jayce was having alot of fun, I love his outfit, Monica is pretty and so are those cute girls. Joshua and Justin love Chica Chica 123, Joshua always laughs at the end.


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