Field Day

Field DAY is a complete misnomer in this case. More like Field Hour. I remember Field Day back when I was in school (eek, that was like 20 years ago!!) and it was a huge all day event. And in Southern Florida where it was like 95 degrees at the time!

Anyway, either the kids can't handle the weather or the teachers don't want to deal with keeping up with kids for 6 hours outside, but each grade only got one hour to be on the field this year.

Jaina only signed up for one race. She told me it was the "gumdrop in the spoon race" but it turned out to be a relay race that involved opening and chewing Hubba Bubba bubble gum. She surprised me by being a fast runner (something that's hard to judge when you only see your kid race through your house!), but she spent a whole lot of time opening the gum up! Anyway, it was really fun for her.

Jayce didn't like field day so much :( But he made it for 30 minutes before he got overwhelmed. You just never know how he's going to handle crowds and noise. Some days are better than others.

Jaina was SO excited to get a ribbon at the end. Her first ribbon, she proudly proclaimed. She said, "Participant" was a very fancy word :)


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