Birthday Day

Jayce's birthday was this past Monday and boy... were we ever busy!! We hit the ground running!

First on our agenda? The bank. Gotta steal money from our household account to pay for all the fun stuff we were going to do today! Oh, and you know what the bank means... lollipops!

Second stop: Toys R Us. The poor kid needed a birthday present! And since I spent so much time contemplating what to get him, we had to run out and get something at the last minute. It was between a ball pit, a mini-trampoline, and a tunnel. Jayce was absolutely no help in deciding ("all gone tunnel, all gone balls, all gone bouncy") because he fell in love with the Smart Cycle. Yeah, not getting that, sorry babe!

Then off to Chuck E. Cheese's next door to catch the tail end of a MOMS Club activity :) Gray bought us lunch!

Then off to Daddy's work to pick up his cake! Jayce couldn't figure out why we weren't going to Taco Bell with Daddy. Silly boy, we do that on Fridays :)

Then we had to swing by the consignment store all the way on the East side. Jayce recognized where we were and started saying, "Park? Park? Swing? Slide? Go to park?" I looked at my watch and realized that we were too early to go get Jaina, but too late to go all the way back home. So I turned around and took Jayce to the park for 30 minutes. It was overcast and wet, so we were the only ones there, which is how Jayce prefers it!

Then, finally... back home to nap and play with his newly purchased crawl-through tunnel. I didn't bother to wrap it because Jayce doesn't like to unwrap presents.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day!

  2. how fun. you took some great photos. i LOVE your banner photo. It is ideal in every way. haven't commented lately, but I have been reading - sneaking a few minutes here and there and I always enjoy it.

  3. i love that picture of him smiling at the park...his little cute.

    happy birthday jayce! <3

  4. I love your blog and pictures. Jayce's birthday day, sounds so special and fun. Your such a great beautiful Mom. I love your profile picture.

  5. P.S. I copied your slideshow idea, I got sick of the Flickr one.

  6. Your baby turned 3!!

  7. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Happy Belated Birthday Jayce! I'm only catching up on my blog reads. It's been a long time. Sounds like Jayce had a nice day.


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