Christmas Day at our house

This, by far, has been the best Christmas our family has seen in our time together!

First of all, the presents were a hit. We copied our friends, The Simpsons, who decided to start the tradition of only buying each child three presents from Santa, as not to let the material part of Christmas get the best of their family. This is the third year we've done it and we hope that the "Three presents Rule" helps keep our Christmases fun and low-key.

Jaina's three presents from Santa were:

-a wooden barbie doll house
-a Little Mommy doll called "Potty Time"
-a Ponyville carnival playset

Jayce's three presents were:

-a tonka bounce back racer
-an electronic drum pad
-a spider man ride on toy with a motor

Then Brian and I got the kids one gift each.... Jaina received an Our Generation Doll (Jenny) with a beauty styling chair. Jayce got a Dirt Devil Vacuum cleaner for kids. They both loved those gifts as well!

Brian and I normally do stockings for each other. This year he said, "Hey, if I can get out of doing stockings this year, I'll buy us a Wii for the whole family." I enthusiastically said "SURE!" because I selfishly wanted a Wii very badly. Only there weren't any to be found. We tried Wal-mart, Costco, Toys R Us, Best Buy with no luck. Finally, a friend told us to try Game Stop. They only had two left and we got one of them!!!!

So, unbeknown to me, Brian had gone out and gotten me stuff for MY stocking, thinking that we were not going to get a Wii. I got Brian "coal" which was really chocolate candy. He loves the whole "coal in the stocking" thing. But that's all I did. So I was surprised and embarrassed to find my stocking filled to the brim with camera memory cards and candy. My sweetie :) This may have been the nicest thing he's done at Christmas, especially since I didn't even give him a list of what I wanted this year!

My mom got the kids several fun things like a Fisher Price cash register for Jayce and a jewelry box for Jaina. Brian's parents sent money for us to buy their presents with. For Jayce, I purchased a kid tough digital camera for him. For Jaina, I got an amazing deal on a panasonic digital camcorder for kids. Those were both a hit, too!

Aunt Melissa, Uncle Jeremy, Joshua, and Justin got Jaina some new doll house furniture for her Loving Family Playset. Jayce received a cool Little Tykes Clock. Perfect gift for him because we are talking about the function of clocks in Speech Therapy.

Jayce also got a Moon Sand kit from his therapists and 5 lbs of extra sand from Brian's best friend. Jaina got a sticker maker from Thad, too.

My dad and stepmom bought Jaina Hello Kitty stuff and gave Jayce his favorite present, a toy washing machine that "goes round and round and round" :)

All in all, my kids were spoiled rotten! But they deserved it. They really have been good-behaving children this year. Jaina had a wonderful Christmas attitude (well, except for one moment when she coveted Jayce's race car) and Jayce really appreciated all his gifts.

And they won't be getting another single toy until their birthdays this Spring! Unless Jaina earns something with her saved up allowance money :)


  1. Looks like you had so much fun! Have a fun week!!!

  2. Merry Christmas Jessie. I loved the Picasa link. The pictures speak volumes, telling a story. I love how you caught the kids in action. The picture of Jayce at the breakfast table, is awesome. Joshua was so excited to see the toy he picked out for Jayce. We love the Game Clue Jr. too, it's alot of fun. Your mom always brings a smile to my face. She is such an endearing, thoughtful, caring, intelligent person just like you. It seems like you had a really great day. We Love you lots and miss you too. Thank you for the wonderful gifts.



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