A Muppet Family Christmas

Finally, my very first "Christmasy" post!

Our family has downloaded the ABC Family calendar of Christmas Specials to watch this month. I have very fond memories of watching Frosty and Rudolph when I was little. As soon as Jaina was a toddler, I started recording all the new specials, too. We now have a pretty lofty collection of Christmas episodes from Playhouse Disney, Nick JR, ABC Family, and all the classics like "Charlie Brown Christmas" etc.

My favorite Christmas special? By far, the 1987 version of A Muppet Family Christmas.

I am sad to say that my VHS tape broke (well, after all, I am 30 this year and those things don't last forever, especially considering I watched it every day for a month each year), but lucky for me, there's You Tube.

Enjoy :) Oh, the segment is over 9 minutes long, so I don't blame you if you don't watch the whole thing. But if you like Muppets and your kids do, too, then its worth watching!


  1. We have been watching the ABC Christmas show too! I too have fond memories of gathering with my sisters to watch these christmas specials. I remember crying when Frosty the snowman melted. I truly believed in all of it. The Muppets are my all time favorite, I never missed a show when they were on TV. I still remember the time slot Fridays @ 7:00pm. We don't have too many Christmas shows/DVD's, we really want Charlie Brown Christmas!

  2. I've tried to get the girls to watch "A Muppet's Christmas Carol" with no luck. I enjoy that one, though. Haven't seen the Christmas special before. I'm behind!


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