You don't know me, but I'm famous...

(not that any of my blog followers are Jump, Little Children fans, so my blog title's humor is probably lost on most of you)

At any rate, my blog has been found by Spartanburg Spark Dot Com, which is a website that connects people, businesses, and events together here in the Upstate. I feel famous! Too bad I don't have anything profound to write about like my friends Katie and Earthmama whose blogs I enjoy reading immensely because they always contain insight that I do not have myself.

The blog mention can be found New Blogs for Christmas


  1. Congratulations on the recognition.

    That's so cool!

  2. Congrats! I didn't even know about these Spartanburg blog sites. My blog was mentioned on one day, and I was like whoa...there is a whole site dedicated to finding local blogs. Interesting! Mine is listed under the Mommyblogs section on that site.

  3. I'm on there under mommyblogs as well. no clue how on earth I got there - someone else I know blogged about getting on the list. I went to the site to check it out and there I was!

    I do know all about you don't know me, but I'm famous. And that's stuck in my head. Thanks. :) I saw a car on my way home from Charlotte one day that had the license plate border things that said that. And they had an old skool Bobby sticker too. I wish I could have placed the driver!

    I totally lost some of your followers there I'm sure.

    Hope you're all well and we see you soon!

  4. Sorry, Tracey, I wasn't sure if you still had time to read blogs! I didn't mean to leave my only JLC friend out :)

  5. That's exactly the feeling we were hoping to create with the Sparkle City Blogs project. The goal is to make the local blogosphere here in Spartanburg (and the surrounding area) more aware of itself. There are a great many excellent bloggers here -- including you! -- and all we want to do is let them, and their readers, know about each other.

    If you know of a local blogger we've overlooked, please drop me an e-mail at

    Steve Shanafelt &

  6. Yaaaay Old-School Bobbeh!! :) Ahh, the good ol' days...

    Well, I actually found your blog because I googled "you don't know me but I'm famous"; what do you think of THAT?! :)


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