Merry Christmas from us

Merry Christmas!!

Brian, Jessie, Jaina, and Jayce


  1. Your so great getting your pictures done. I love these pictures. So candid and beautiful. The lighting was great.

    My favorite is the last one!

    I was too tired to post on Christmas. I actually fell asleep at 8:00p.m. and had to wake back up to finish putting a Mega Block Bionicle together for Justin.

    We got your box today, Justin loves the cash register and Joshua has watched Home Alone twice, it's actually Home Alone 2, which is Joshua's ultimate favorite one. We just laugh so hard at it.

    Thanks for the book too. I love it. Justin knew right away it was for me. I can take my time reading it now.

    Love everything.

    I am trying to finish my post about Christmas. I wish Kim wasn't so sick on the visit. I will have to call you to update.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Love Jaina's green tongue!


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