First of many Thankgiving posts

We're back!

We had a wonderful time! We spent Tuesday evening through Sunday at lunch in a small town outside of Atlanta, called Tucker. It had been MONTHS since we had been down to visit my parents. Since I have a ton of pictures to show (52 out of 171 taken, to be exact), I'll be posting about our week in several different posts. To motivate me to complete each post, I am not allowing myself to change my blog background from Thanksgiving theme to Christmas themed until I finish. Since its Dec. 1st already, this is going to drive me batty!

As I've said, we had a wonderful time. The kids played at Grandpa's house very well and were seldom bored. Jayce played with the toy kitchen set and the KFC play food that Jaina once used. She spent the most of her time coloring My Little Pony stuff that Aunt Jami had laying around.

Jayce also liked the trash compactor, the washer and dryer, microwave, conference telephones, the copier/fax machine, the numerous computers, and the printer upstairs. He was in electronic heaven.

For fun activities, we went to Zoo Atlanta, out to eat several times, over to Uncle Jeff's house, and Jaina saw the movie "Bolt" with Aunt Jami. We also got to visit the Gray family (whose children I babysat when I was 15) and my best friend from High School's family, the Moseley's.

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious! Kim ordered a "Turducken" which is a turkey, duck, and chicken all in one. I think a few people were scared to eat it, but it actually just tasted like a regular old roasted turkey. My brother Jeff also bought a cajun fried turkey and boy was it yummy! Since no one but myself likes dark meat, I got an entire leg to myself :) I brought a squash casserole that went over pretty well. It was a pretty southern style Thanksgiving dinner :)

I sincerely hope that all of my friends and family enjoyed their Thanksgiving holidays as much as the Walker Family enjoyed theirs :)

Jayce started our holiday off with a little screen time:

Jaina poses by some fake mums. I think next year I'm getting some since my mums always die! Its usually too hot here to keep them well and as soon as it freezes, they don't last long. Or maybe its just me?

Jayce takes a break from running to sit a minute:

Jaina tried desperately to get on the old horse swing they have outside. She couldn't get up and she was too heavy for me to lift as well!

Jaina and the cat, Goliath. They have a dog named Jo-Jo as well. And no, they didn't realize that both names were from the popular Playhouse Disney Show, "Jo Jo's circus" :)

My family helps an elderly neighbor out with raking his lawn. Jaina and Jayce "helped" for a very short bit!

Jayce loved going in their backyard to walk around. He did laps continuously:

Aunt Jami:

To keep Jayce away from my DSLR, we sometimes let him play with our Powershot. He loved taking pictures of Grandma and Grandpa:

Jayce LOVED it when Grandma Kim would play "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" on the piano for him. In this picture, he is "helping".

Traditional Diet Dr. Pepper was the beverage of choice for Thanksgiving dinner:

Uncle Jeff and his buddy Jayce:


  1. Good idea about not changing the blog until Thanksgiving posts are complete. I am going to do the same. The pictures are great. I am going to miss Atlanta so much this year. I will miss the cold chill, the leaves, the smell, just the whole Fall feelings and of course all the Staska's.

    Can't wait to hear more. Hope your Thanksgiving events were fun! Did Brian go? Did Jason go?


  2. I really enjoyed the pics Jesse.... I can tell a good time was had by all:) We were in Georgia as well.

  3. I need to call you, to find out about your birthday?!? I hope you had a great day. We missed you down here.

  4. I am in love with the one of Jayce playing the piano with Grandma, with his little tongue sticking out in concentration. ♥ Priceless.


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