Christmas Parade

Last week, our family attended our small town's Christmas Parade. We were sad to miss the big downtown one due to Jaina's cheerleading practice. This was the first year I had ever gone to this parade and was pleasantly surprised,

Daddy and Jayce:

I said, "Let's have a cute picture of Daddy." And in response, he said he wanted to choke me. Okay, inside joke. I guess you have to really know Brian to find this amusing :)

The morning started out pretty cold, so we bundled the kids up! Then it warmed up to the 50's and we all sweat!

Go Dawgs!

The band. Did you know that Brian was a band geek in High School? For this same band?

one of the floats

Hot rods

We conveniently sat in front of a coffee shop that sold hot chocolate for $2

I told him to "SMILE!" And this is what I got:

Yep, I'm styling in my Liberty Tax hat :)


  1. Oh my gosh Jessie. I am laughing so hard. I love this post. I like your sense of humor and style. I haven't been to an afternoon parade, it looks like fun. I missed all the night parades, too much traffic. Glad you had fun. I will really miss you and your kids this year and Brian too :)

  2. Cute hat. LOL

    I love parades. I clap and cheer and people look at me funny.

    I'm glad you made it to the little one.


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