In my head, everything that happens between Dec. 1st and Dec. 25th is considered "pre-christmas". I even have a special folder on my computer for all the pictures I take during this time. This is so I don't get confused when storing all my digital photos on our website. "Christmas Pictures" are only photographs from actual Christmas Day with all of us in our PJ's and wrapping paper everywhere.

So, here's a couple of pre-christmas pictures. Jaina helped me put the tree up the Monday after Thanksgiving. I have yet to take a picture of the finished product, mainly because I'm not too terribly impressed with our tree this year. Oh, its the same artificial tree we've had for 3 years. And we have the same ornaments, too. I'm just not crazy about our light choice (we always do colored lights but this year Jaina wanted clear) and I am NOT liking the spastic blinking that Jaina insists on having either. One year we got "sparking" lights and they were much better than the on/off blinking ones. Also, since I let my 6 year old hang ornaments with me, I'm not too happy with ornament placement either. But, as my good friend Monica said, "You are allowed to have a tacky looking tree. You have kids." And do my kids love my tree? Yes the do. That's all the counts, right?

I'm trying desperately to finish decorating the house for Christmas. Instead, all my boxes are out and the contents strewn about upstairs in our bonus room. Maybe by the 25th I'll actually have stuff put up!


  1. Joshua just finished our tree last night. We got our tree on Sunday. I love tacky trees, you should see mine :) I call my Pre-Christmas photos- Christmas time and then on the 25th I call them Christmas Day. I am glad to hear you are not the only one working on decorating your house. All my boxes are out too and stuff everywhere, but where it belongs.

  2. Hey jessie,

    I gave you a blog award, come to my blog and check it out. :)

  3. We finally got our tree last night from Lowes..... It looks like a Charlie Brown tree already with nothing on it BUT the kids picked it out,lol.

    Everyone is napping(even the old man) so once up we will decorate. I have boxes everywhere too BUT they are actually in my livingroom.
    I HOPE to have them all up soon.

    You crack me up with your organization. For me they are Winter or December 2008 and then Christmas Eve/Day pics


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