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I forget that being a stay-at-home mom is still not the norm, considering almost all my friends are stay-at-home moms because of MOMS Club and all. So I'm always surprised when I'm asked to be "Room Mom" at my children's schools and help plan parties. This year, I planned both Jaina and Jayce's classroom parties. For Jayce's class, we had time to do an activity, so we decorated gingerbread men. For Jaina's party (that was only 30 minutes) I only had time to read to the class while they ate.

Hi Ashlan!

The chocolate frosting on the corner of her mouth bugged me all afternoon until i could wipe it!

Jaina and the class sing "Jingle Bells"

Jaina and Ashlan, best friends!

Ms. Skinner and jaina. Did I mention it was 70 degrees outside and Ms. Skinner was burning up in that sweatshirt?

Ms. Skinner, Ashlan, and Jaina:

jayce's best friend, Louis!

Jayce is so excited!

Jonathan, Jayce, and Louis are decorating their gingerbread men:

Jayce decorates his cookie:

Time to eat!

Gray was able to attend the party at the last minute:

Jayce tried a bite, or licked, every piece of food on his plate:

Miss Kaye, the speech therapist:

Miss Hollie, Jayce's teacher:

Miss Nikki, the teacher assistant:


  1. That's great you are able to volunteer in both children's rooms. I was very fortunate to have a great year with Joshua last year. I hope you can continue to be a room Mom for a lot more years to come. Jayce's party looked fun. Jaina's class seems very nice.


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