SRMC Christmas Party

Every year, for the past 11 years, a special donor family puts on a huge Christmas party for all the children that attend therapy at Pediatric Rehab. This was Jayce's first time ever attending because he started his therapy there last January. It was CROWDED! But we had a good time! Next year, we know to go early!

This is Miss Melissa, our current OT. Jayce has a huge "crush" on her. You should see his face light up when its time to go see her! He always runs to go get his blue play-doh to share with Miss Melissa, even though she has her own to use!


  1. Aww! I can see why Jayce likes Melissa. She is so pretty. I can see his bashfulness, I have never seen that expression. He is so cute! That is so nice that someone puts this party on for the kids, that is so special. I am glad Jayce enjoyed himself.


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