Happy 30th Birthday to me

Yep, I'm thirty now.

Birthday highlights included:

-a lunch alone (without kids!) to Longhorn Steakhouse with my dad.
-a fabulous dinner with the whole family to Outback Steakhouse.
-beautiful jewelry from Jayce and Jaina (purchased by Kim).
-unexpected $40 check in the mail from inlaws
-two new shirts and a pair of khaki chords from JC Penney's with said money
-a birthday lunch with the Gray family (that I used to babysit for)
-another birthday lunch with Monica
-a book on the history of Spartanburg and Converse (I've always wanted a copy!)
-Jaina licking all the frosting off my cake
-Jayce eating the actual wax candles after copying Jaina.


  1. Happy, happy birthday!!!

  2. I can still remember a picture your mom sent Jeremy, it was a graduation picture, you had really long hair and the picture was outside or maybe in a studio. You were only 18. Jeremy and I had just started dating. He had that picture on his dresser for so many years, we still have it. I can't believe Jeremy's baby sister is 30, your still such a baby. Jeremy tells me stories how you would crawl up to him and listen to him play drums. He has fond memories of you and taking you to concerts and things like that. Even though he didn't call, he does love you a lot and I update him about you all the time. Happy Birthday. Can I see some pictures of the Birthday girl! ? Love the candles on the cake. My 30's were great, I know yours will be too!

    I am glad Kim and Dad spoiled you, you deserve it.!
    I still have something in mind for you, I am just behind on getting my act together.


  3. Jessie, So sorry I forgot your birthday. Now that I see your post, I remember knowing at one time that we were both November babies. Your cake was beautiful!! So glad you had good memories this year. My 30th was a really fun birthday too (wow, three years ago now). In some way, I thought (not sure if it's true or not) being 30 meant I was now an "official" adult and had reached a new level of respect! Funny, huh?! The little 19-month-old in my house doesn't seem to recognize it as she runs away from me holding whatever I'm asking her to give me!

  4. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!


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