Dickens of a Christmas

Last Tuesday evening, the Walker family headed downtown to take part in the "Dickens of a Christmas" festival. Although my daughter Jaina has been the past several years, I personally have never been able to go. Since it happens right after Thanksgiving, I usually forget about it until the last moment and then beg my mom to take Jaina so I won't have to.

This year, we put it on our calendar weeks in advance and planned for the whole family to go. The only downside was that it was FREEZING. Literally. This is South Carolina, NOT South Dakota, for goodness sake! We barely own coats and hats and gloves. But we dug them out and braved the cold and wind for several hours.

We saw lights, ballet dancers from the Nutcracker, vendors, carolers, a horse and carriage, and lots of cold volunteers helping put this thing together. It was fun :) And crowded!


  1. It was FREEZING! However, it was fun, I agree!

  2. "Freezing" - sure. I see a kid with no hat and a very exposed neck on Brian, I don't believe in your "freezing" one bit Miss Jessie LOL Looks like a fun night though ;) Come visit us in January and I'll show you guys "freezing"

  3. I am a wimp. I think when we get to the 50's, that we are freezing down here. The event looked like a lot of fun. I love Christmas festivities with all the lights. Glad you had fun :)


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