Chimney Rock Adventures

Last Monday, the Walker family found themselves with no work, no school, and nothing to clean. So we packed up and headed to Chimney Rock State Park in Lake Lure, NC. It was a super fast mini trip, however, because Jaina had a 4:00 PM doctor's appointment later that day. The doctor concluded that she did indeed have a sinus infection, which I had been suspecting for the last two weeks. I'm happy to report she is feeling much better after starting her amoxicillan,

But a stuffy nose and headache didn't stop Jaina from enjoying our home away from home.

We did our normal picnic by the owl:

We saw some wildlife.
Jaina desperately wanted to keep that lizard. Brian would not let her.

Because it was Labor Day weekend, the upper parking lot was completely full. Old School buses were used to shuttle guest back and forth up the mountain. This may have been Jayce's favorite part!

It doesn't matter how many times a year we go; Chimney Rock Park is our favorite family destination.


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