We are SO ready for Halloween!

These pictures were taken weeks ago.

I'm not kidding. Who knew that you could buy pumpkins at the store a full 60 days before Halloween? Forget about Christmas in July. Its Halloween in August, baby!

Well, actually, we did.

As soon as summer comes to an end, we know we can find mini pumpkins, squashes, and gourds for sale. We buy them as soon as they come out. Brian absolutely LOVES the Fall. (His birthday and his favorite holiday together, what's not to love?). His love has become infectious over the last 8 years. Even *I* start to look forward to the change in season, despite declaring Summer to remain my favorite season of all time.

So although these photographs mark the very beginning of our Fall celebration at our house, they most certainly will not be the last ones that you see.

Welcome to Fall :)

What is YOUR favorite season?


  1. Most definitely Fall. I love the weather, love the smells, love the sports, love the leaves, love it, love it.

  2. I'm all about fall! I love halloween and I love the change of the leaves. I love when it first cools down and you just want to snuggle in a blanket and bake yummy things *just* to warm your house up a big (cause it wouldn't be just to eat those fattening baked goods hee hee) Ahhh, fall...I love it.

  3. It's a toss up between fall and spring, though I think fall wins by a slender margin just because I get bad allergies in the spring and because I LOVE to wear jeans and sweaters.

    Fortunately, I like winter since Christmas happens then. Summer's too humid in the South.


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